Time for an introduction…

Hello, world. Little bit about m’self. Back in elementary school, when everyone else had friends, I slept over my grandfather’s house every weekend and absorbed westerns. It was an easy genre to become fascinated with, and I’ll save talking about why people like westerns for another post.

But, as a child, watching westerns definitely made an impression in me. (Again, too be saved for a future post). I love them, and I will probably watch them until I die, despite having memorized plot, characters, and lines verbatim.

Now for some favorites:


The Shootist.

My favorite western ever, hands down. Poignant. The parallels to Wayne’s real life make this movie a one-of-a kind. A great portrait of the Duke.


Once Upon A Time In Mexico.

You can’t deny that this, and the other movies in Rodriguez’s Mariachi trilogy are westerns. All the archetypes are in place, set in a modern backdrop that still maintains the lawless do-or-die atmosphere of the Old West. Once Upon A Time In Mexico just happens to be my favorite.


Magnificent Seven.

What a fantastic cast. The story itself has, and will continue to, stand the test of time.


High Plains Drifter.

Any Eastwood movie would be a good fit on any favorites list. I chose Drifter because it is sort of unique. It has a very interesting “Weird West Tales” air to it. Also, there is a midget.


True Grit.

Another Wayne classic. Immensely quotable.


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Three words. Blaze of Glory.



My dad lent me the book back in the day, so I was very excited for the movie. It did not dissappoint. Solid western story, with enough tricks to keep new audiences interested.

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